Library Update "Publishing Failed"

Hello everyone! We have recently started using Figma for our team and have been using MUI design system with slight modifications, e.g. fonts, colors & styles.

It is published as a team library and we’re using its components in other design files.

I’m facing a strange issue where each time I update a color and try to publish the updates it gives me “Publishing Failed” prompt after the “Publishing Library” loading.
Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 3.37.21 PM

Sometimes, it publishes half of the updates and fail to publish the remaining.

There’s no pattern of this error, it comes randomly and after a day the same library updates gets published without an error.

I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with the file or components. Is there anyone else experiencing the same issue? If yes, what did you guys do to resolve it?

Thanks :v:t3:

I’ve been noticing this a lot in the past few days as well. There seem to be recent issues related to publishing reported in this forum a fair bit too. I see this with a variant-heavy component, though the issue persists even when I reduce/delete the variants down to 2 simple text-based variants with zero complexity. Publish fails, unpublish fails. Unresolved at this point. @Figma_Support

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I’ve found a solution for this issue, which isn’t ideal but working for me.

The changes I was pushing were about 180, and I thought of pushing 10-15 changes each time instead of all of them together, and it worked.

It’s tideous to repeat the update process tens of times but it’s the only way I’ve got it fixed.

I keep having the same issues, also with the MUI doc.

Will try only publishing a few at a time! :crossed_fingers:

It’s also frustrating it doesn’t say why! @Figma_Support

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having this issue as well - no reply from @Figma_Support ?
I have 2 text changes I am trying to publish - it’s failing but not saying why so that I can fix the issue

I experienced this issue when my laptop was connected to a VPN, try disconnecting from your VPN or possibly try to move closer or connect directly to your modem.

Hope this helps to resolve the issue! :smiling_face: