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Library access : You don't have access to this file

I have a big problem.

I have a Figma file in which I have all my screens with components. These components are located in a Figma library. I am a Figma admin and I can see my Figma library in my Figma file (all enabled).

However when I go to a component in the work plan and I click on “Go to main component in library” an error message appears “you don’t have access to this file” (see the attached file).

The only change I made was to rename my library.

I have to send the deliverables tomorrow.

If anyone has an answer I am very interested.

Waiting for a feedback from the community,

I wish you all the best…


If you can open the library manually but can’t open it from the work file, it sounds like a bug. Reach out to Figma support team via the bug report form and send them links to the files, screenshots, videos and other relevant information.

Thank Gleb, I send lot informations about the bug with screenshoots and video. I hope they will be fast to answer. I need fix it today !!!