Layer Organization: Scrolls section

Can you delete the “scrolls” section in your layer view when no layers are currently are in that section, set to scroll. Every time I paste any elements, they paste into that section and I have to go over and drag them out and above. Thanks in advance. image

  • Abby
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By default, all layers are considered to be scrollable (that is, without a fixed position). But as soon as you have fixed the position of at least one layer, the “Fixed” and “Scrolls” sections will be displayed in the layers panel, thus prompting which layers will scroll and which will be fixed.

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Wish there was a way to turn it off.

You can remove fixed & scrolls from your layer organisation. Select the layers & Uncheck “Fix position while scrolling” in the right side property panel. It will remove the scrolls & Fixed from layer

too dont know how delete it"scroll"

yes you can remove that but it will remove fixed too. just select all layer and then on right panel uncheck fixed and scroll now you removed both. for now you ether have both or have none.