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LAB or LCH color models in the color picker

Hi designers!

Our perceived lightness does not correspond well with the lightness attribute used in HSL and HSV, despite those being the most user-friendly and imaginable color pickers currently around.

LCH is a color model that improves this perception while keeping the usability and imagination as a picker, and it’s currently being rolled out to browsers as we speak, and it completely solves the perceived brightness - for CSS.

I think LCH (or LAB, which is similar) is a game-changer for digital artists and designers, and adding it as a color model to the Figma color picker would save a lot of time discovering colors and iterating on them.

Is anyone else interested in this? Do you know about LCH/LAB? What do you think of it? I have found a LCH plugin that helps the issue but it’s obviously not as useful as adding LCH to the actual picker in Figma.

Very interested in your thoughts.



Huge plus from my side :slight_smile: I usually open Affinity when I need precise colour tuning.

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That’s exactly what I was thinking, so I decided to cook up one more plugin to be able to pick colors using LCH. It is basically Lea Verou’s color picker wrapped in a Figma plugin. I think it’ll do the job until the official support is in. Any feedback would be super appreciated!