Keyboard shortcuts for the auto-text box resizing

I think it would be great to see keyboard shortcuts for the ‘Auto height, Auto Width’ text box sizing features. I use these all the time and it would be really beneficial to have a quicker way to change these :pray:


You can double click the text box frame bounds to change the resizing mode to auto.


Hi, thanks for your response. Although useful double-clicking the bounding box only converts text to ‘Auto Width’. I use the ‘Auto height’ a lot and there is no similar shortcut :confused:


Yeah I think earlier when you double click the bottom border it switched it to auto height but now clicking any side turns it to auto width. This might be a bug.

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Just came across this. The InDesign analog is CMD+OPT+C. Agreed that it would be nice to toggle between resizing modes in Figma.

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For people ending up here ~2 years later, i’m happy to find out this is now fixed by double clicking any corner point of the text box. I find that the upper left one is a bit tricky as it marks the text sometimes, but others works fine.

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Press “Alt” and click on text frame to fill the Parent width.