Keep 1 component and lose all prototyping or multiple components and keep prototyping?

I’m designing multiple applications within a platform and I have one design system that all my Figma files (one for each application) are connected to. All these applications use the same header (with some variations). I want to have one component of this header in my design system, so that when I change something it gets pushed to all applications, which is the main advantage of having a design system.

However, I can’t do prototyping on my component. I need to do that in each file and each page separately. This means that I have an instance of my header component in my files, and I add prototyping to that instance and then copy that instance over all frames using that header instance. But when something changes in my prototyping, it only changes on that one instance and then I would need to copy paste that instance all over again (or change the prototyping on every instance). I’m talking about some 20 frames or more per file.

I’m wondering what’s best, or maybe I’m missing something. Seems either way has its drawbacks.

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