Just finished my first plugin: Tree Navigator for selecting similar layers in parent and sibling frames

Hi guys!

After working with a lot of tables last year, I was looking for a way to speed up selecting similar layers like table cells, list items and so on. But normally I’d want to select elements in just a single column or screen, not across the whole page.

That’s why I developed Tree Navigator.

How it works

First, you select the element that you want to select all instances of, and then in the plugin you can choose in which of the parents of that layer you want to select all other matching elements. So for example in a table you’d have the option of selecting the whole table or a single column. In the former scenario all cells in the table would be selected and in the later only the cells in that specific column. Cells in other columns would not be selected.

Now the interesting part is you can also select cells from two different columns and then you get the option to just select all cells in those two. Scoping the search to siblings instead of the next common parent effectively.

I’ve been using it myself for some time now and I hope it’s also useful for some of you.

Here are some videos to see it in action: Tree Navigator Feature Overview // Kai Magnus–


This is so clever! Great idea. I’ll definitely try this as I work on table designs all the time.

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Thanks! Let me know how it goes and I’d like to hear if you have any suggestions as well.