Italic font Styles Bug

Guys, has anyone already found a clear solution about this bug? Figma changes a bold or regular font for an italic, it happens to me with Gotham font, I uninstalled it from the system, I installed it again, then I installed only the regular and bold ones, no italic, all the computers that have access to the Figma file have the same font installed, we all use the desktop program not in the browser, this problem is becoming a hell for us, does anyone have any solution please? :weary: :face_with_spiral_eyes:

@Diego8 Can you drop step-by-step instructions on what triggers the font change? A screen recording would be great.

Also, you mentioned the Gotham font – just to make sure, is this a commercially purchased font you have for your team? I’m wondering if this is actually rooted in the font itself, but can’t immediately tell.

Also: you mentioned that you uninstalled/reinstalled already (in this post and another older one). Was this done using the Figma font installer? Just want to be sure.

Those of you experiencing this issue with Gotham - did you buy a commercial license or use a free one? We’re about to purchase the commercial license in the hope that it corrects this issue, which is now a giant headache for us as the designs switch to italic DAILY for nearly everyone.

Yes, we purchased the legal license, in addition to that we uninstalled the gotham font completely from the system of each of the people who had access to Figma and installed the same font file for each computer. That seems to have worked.

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