Issue with exporting to PDF

Whenever I try to export my frames to PDF, so many images export as purple placeholders. What is going on? I made sure all of the images are nested within the frames as well. Can someone please help.

I just came across this issue as well, so curious to see the answer myself. My guess is that it has to do with memory, my board has over 100 frames all with multiple images per frame.

I’m running into similar issues with exporting to PDF. I am working on a large file and keeping getting memory issues if I try to export too many at once. This is a major flaw. Need to be able to export large amount of frames but can’t. Any work arounds?

I ended up exporting in sections. Seems to be a memory issue… Another issue I ran into is that a number of high res images would export pixelated quite arbitrarily. I used the Pitchdeck plugin and exported at 300dpi, and photos would still randomly pixelate on different export versions. Crazy weird. But the solve for the purple images is to try to export in sections (20-30 frames at a time).

20-30 frames would be great! Mine crashes with like 5 frames, and I don’t have any images, just complex components.