Issue with Design Output after development

Hi, I have designed web app in 1440px and handed over design to developers, But the final output is weird after development. The screen in which we are viewing and developed is in 13inch, it got horizontal scroll and they were using scaling to fit in the screen, but all the paddings were mis matching and entire design looks odd. How to resolve by fitting in any desktop screen?

Hey @Shekath_ali, thank you for reaching out! I’ve asked internally for help, will give you an update once I get a response. Appreciate your patience!

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Apologies for the delayed message! I’ve created a support ticket on your behalf. Your ticket number is #932203, for reference. Please also share your file link with our support team with invited directly as an editor (this won’t affect your billing at all). Our support team will be able to take a look at your file.

Thank you,