Issue: Components do not remember nested instance overrides

I am having troubles with components that nest other components and on those components I would want to expose certain overrides which shall always be remembered by the parent component.

Let me give more context:

I am building a Footer component.
Inside the footer component I am nest a wrapper component “Accordion” making use of a slot component (needed variant controls: state=open/closed)
The slot is swapped with a certain amount of stacked layout slots, which then will be swapped with certain list item components, using text value overrides.
In short I am speaking of e.g. an About Accordion which holds 5 links.

Now the problem:

When working inside the footer component and changing the overrides in the boolean (open) state of the Accordion, which exposes the slot components and then change it back to the closed state as a default, the instance of the footer inside of a random file will not remember the overrides done in the master when setting the variant control of the boolean prop to “open” again.

It feels like an edge case maybe, but it truly isn’t.

Any thoughts on this?

Hi @Oliver_Schwaiger,

From what I understand, this may be an ‌intended behavior, as when you swapped your components, the overrides may not work as it’s a limitation of the components system.
It would be great to have a quick video recording when the issue occurs and a copy of your file to investigate it further.

If you can’t share your file publicly, feel free to reach out directly to our support team by sending a URL of the file, and add as an editor on this file so we can take a closer look here: Thank you!