Is this a legit survey request? Or spam?

Hi! I was wondering if the latest email I’ve got from “figma” is a real survey request or if it is just spam. I’ve attached a screenshot below.

Hey @Vanessa_Traub,

This is a real survey request from Jeff on our Research team.

Received the same and was wandering too and google search led me here. This really looks exactly like a low tier spam/phishing email!

I think you REALLY need to update your email-templates… :laughing:


I got this email today, is this legit or spam?

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I got the same one. The first screenshot in the thread is from “”, ours are from “”. I’m going to echo the sentiment of EdiR, these really do look like scam emails and there are plenty of threads on here, reddit, etc all asking about it.

There’s an easy way to fix this. These need to tell people to check their Figma accounts for a notification instead of including a link in a sketchy picture-less email :grin:


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I also received one from, did you fill yours out? Any updates if it‘s also a real one?

Hi, I have received this email and I’m wondering is it from real Figma team or some fake thing? I did a research on this forum and I came to the conclusion that every legit email is from, mine is from

I filled mine out, the survey seemed detailed enough to the point that scammers wouldn’t put that much effort into it. (Especially compared to the level of effort in the email design)

Hi there, thanks for reaching out. I checked with our internal team and they confirmed it’s legit. My apology for the confusion!


Same i received a gift card after finishing the survey. Got $10 from ribbon and the email is . Is this legit ?

Fire your email department haha