Is there any way that i can use the old gradient setting?

Since the latest update, the default setting of the gradient has changed.

However, I don’t use this kind of auto colored gradient at all.

Everytime I use gradient, I have to adjust the opacity&hue. I’m tired of wasting my time and effort for something I didn’t have to do before the update.

Can I at least choose the default setting?

I want this version to be the default gradient

@_rarrie If I’m not misunderstanding, I have two suggestions:

  1. Once you create the gradient you want as the ‘default’ – can you save it as a style so you can apply it to any other objects you want later? Click the “+” button (like shown in your screenshot) > Select “style” at the top of the window that opens > name your style and save,

Then, you can select whatever objects you need to have the gradient, click the ‘styles and variables’ icon and apply the gradient you want without having to recreate each time.

  1. You can select an object with the gradient you want, and go to edit > set default properties. Then whenever you create a new object, that gradient will be the default when you create it. However, it will set any other properties the object you select has (stroke, for example).

Does that seem to address what you’re looking for?

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@ksn Thanks for your reply.

I also have this confusion. Generally, I need to create a gradient that transitions from solid color to transparent. In the old version of gradient settings, this could be done in one step. However, in the new version of gradient settings, the other end of the anchor point is set to a color with darker/lighter opacity, which requires me to re-extract the color values of the original image, otherwise it will result in bad gradient banding. This increases the number of operations.

Moreover, the automatically inserted colors seem to lack a discernible pattern.

One suggestion is whether Figma can have options for foreground color/background color like Photoshop and automatically fill in two colors when using the gradient function.


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