Is there a way to identify all unlinked text styles and auto-assign it to an existing/matching text style?

migrating to a client’s figma environment, we’ve imported the text styles but in bringing the design flows over, everything is unlinked. Would like to have everything relinked in the new project.


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Hello Rene, you might want to take a look at this plugin. It give you the ability to « SYNC » your Color or Text styles to elements with matching properties.

Sync Style Plugin

Hope it help :v:t2:

Thank you Maxime, I will have a look at this plugin. I appreciate the help! :pray:

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@Maxime_Daraize Thank you again for referring me to that plugin, I’ve tested it and it works great for established color styles. Though when I run it for text styles, it tells me x-amount of styles applied but upon inspection the text styles aren’t actually applied. Have you run into this? Maybe a bug in the plugin?

Thanks again!

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Hello, thank you for the feedback.

I didn’t run into that issue so far, would you be able to maybe share a link of a « test file » with the specific text styles you tried to apply. It would help me to investigate and resolve the issue.

Thanks again

If you can’t share a link, could you share the properties of the text styles

Thanks @Maxime_Daraize :pray:

For context, I’ve pulled a sample set of typestyles in, and then I’ve copied over a component that should be leveraging a few of those styles.

Funny enough when I run it, it is not identifying any instances to apply the styles at all. Here is a link to my test project, thanks again!

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No worries & thank you for the link :ok_hand:

So I had the same issue, when I tried to use to plugin or simply associate one of the text style to a text element manually. (Which is odd).

What I found, is that the font-family and the font-style were missing (not installed).
I think this is why we run into that issue.

When I changed to font-family& the font-style. I was able to use the plugin & associate style to element without any issue.

Maybe, if you have those fonts, tried to install them so Figma can recognize them.
See images below.

Screen Shot 2022-08-19 at 10.23.33 AM
Screen Shot 2022-08-19 at 10.24.14 AM

Gotcha, I will try to see if I can find a way to install them locally as I’m using adobe’s cloud type library,

One thing I’ve observed though was that if I let’s say create a new unlinked text field with the same properties locally, or if I duplicate the instance that was assigned a style then detach it, the plugin works to match/reassign as expected – so I’m not sure how that plays with the cloud fonts but will keep you updated!

Strange, so it make some time to see if I can get the fonts locally for Museo. But I tried it with a font family I know I have installed locally, Gotham. I ran the plugin, it says x number of styles were applied but when I click those text fields they aren’t truly assigned.

Hey, thanks again for your feedback.

So after few tests, I realize that it dosent work properly with locally installed font. My guess is the plugin dosent recognize font outside from the fronts included in Figma.

I’ll try to figure out a way to make this work. Thank you again for discovering this bug.

I’ll keep you in touch,

Thank you so much for the support, hopefully we can find a solution @Maxime_Daraize! :pray::100: