Is there a way to bulk remove plugin data from layers?

Hello everyone,

Throughout my projects, I frequently utilize a variety of plugins to optimize my workflow. Recently, as I was developing an Icon library, I incorporated a plugin to expedite the process. However, as I’m preparing to publish the library, I find myself needing to remove all plugin-related data from the properties panel for each icon. Considering the distinct naming conventions used, I’m unable to select multiple items simultaneously for this cleanup. Is there a technique to accomplish this in bulk?

Additionally, in more complex projects where I apply a sequence of plugins, I’m curious if there’s a streamlined method to erase all plugin data from every layer in one action before making the project public.

Is there a method or plugin that anyone has used successfully for this purpose?

Hey @Amirr - for anything added via plugins, there isn’t a way to bulk-remove at the moment. You would need to individually modify things. I personally think this ability could potentially cause irreparable damage if you were to accidentally bulk-remove. I do get that it also would be convenient.

Also, when you say “erase all plugin data” – do you mean to strip all changes a plugin has made in the selected layer? Or just removing any kind of indication of what plugin was used on it?

Hi @ksn thank you for the response.
I don’t actually mean the changes.
What I mean by erasing “all plugin data” is not to redo the changes in the layers, I mean the removal of the indication of the plugin used to achieve the result.

by all means to simply remove the plugins(in purple) for each & all layers without using the minus(in red) in bulk.

Gotcha - no, this is not possible at this time. I’m not aware of any additional plugins that would help kind of bulk-remove at the moment, but someone else here in the community may have suggestions.