Is raster image metadata stored and readable?

When I look in the selected object > Fill > Image panel, I’d like to be able to see info about the image in there. Things like:

  • Original format
  • File size
  • Pixel dimensions
  • Original file name

I don’t see anything like that available but I’m wondering—does Figma store that? Could it be possible for someone to make a plugin that shows me this info for either selected objects or all objects on a page (or even project)?

My primary use case is this: We have a design system that started out with lots of different placed images of different sizes and one generic image that was introduced to the system as a very large file (larger than was really necessary). Several team members have serious delays trying to load pages with these images in them. I tried to remedy this by swapping out the very large images with a more sensibly sized generic image to be the boilerplate for all kinds of components. Now that I’ve swapped that out—I’d really like to be able to audit the change. I’d like to be able to inspect the system/components/objects to make sure I’ve replaced the too large images everywhere and make sure that haven’t been re-introduced at any point in the future. The large and small versions LOOK the same in Figma so currently, there’s no way I can do this kind of check.