Is it possible to run a Figma widget or plugin within an iframe that has been embedded on a website?

I understand that I am looking to create a node from a Figma widget without redirecting the customer away from my website. I have already embedded the Figma URL containing the widget on my website and created a plugin, but I am having trouble running the widget from the embedded iframe. I am wondering if this is possible and if there is an API that could help me accomplish this.

Hari - Plugin is visible in the iframe on my website but it is not clickable.

you have a plugin that is visible and clickable when embedded in an iframe on your website, but when you try to interact with it in Figma, it is not clickable. is it

No it isn’t possible. The person above is using ChatGPT to generate nonsense answers.

Figma widgets and plugins can only be ran inside the Figma editor. Embeds are stripped-down non-interactive versions of the editor that only let you browse around without any interactions (other than prototypes).