Is it not possible to set a text variable to an empty string?

I can set it to ’ ’ (a space), or any string with text in it, but nothing happens if the value I give it is ‘’.

nvm it’s a bug on my end :nerd_face:

Hey! How did you fixed it? I have the same problem :frowning:

I think I was setting it to null instead of ‘’. Setting it to ‘’ worked.

Hello! Which ASCII character are you referring to as ‘’? Right now, I can only set it to a whitespace for the variable to appear as empty (although it isn’t, since it’s a whitespace and has a length of one)
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You need to set it to an empty string without any character.

variable = '';

Oh, is that using the API? Or is there a way using the keyboard? Because if the variable is set to a whitespace and I delete it and press intro, the variable resets to the whitespace. Similarly, if I create a new text variable, which by default is set to “String value” and I try to delete that completely and press intro, the variable resets to “String value”

So weird

Only using the Plugin API. I wrote about it here:

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Hey, I am not able to do it. Can you explain it a bit more ? How do I set a string’s value as null

You cannot set null as a value for a string variable. Instead of null, you must specify an empty string.

variable.setValueForMode(modeId, '')

Hi, could you share the full code that you added on Run plugin API to set a String variable empty?