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Is figma consuming a lot of RAM for you too?

Hello Figma community !
(I hope I’m posting this in the good categorie)

I’m working from home (yay covid you know) and I constantly have MS Teams, Figma and Firefox opened. I’ve been done with my computer (i7 8th gen, 16gb ddr4 ram, nvme ssd) lags and all the software freezing so I started searching the problem. I figured it out quickly : my ram was full (15,6 of 16 gb).

I rebooted the computer and softwares, and then my pc immediately started using 10GB.
Windows uses 5gb, Teams 1gb, Firefox 2gb (I’ve got a lot of tabs) and 2GB are immediately dedicated to Figma.

  1. Isn’t that big for Figma to use immediately 2GB** (i opened only one projects) after launching ? It goes to 4.5GB if I open 2 or 3 projects…
  2. Is that normal for Figma to use that amount of RAM or am I doing something wrong ?
  3. Do I need a better pc for that usage ?

I’m a student using figma for almost all of my works and buying a better computer is not an option for now.

What are your tips and pros about Figma RAM (and CPU) usage ?
Tell me :slight_smile: !


Same problem


same problem for me too in MacOS big sur.

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Memory problems appear when trying to update the component library

I have a large number of nested components. There is no possibility to move the master components to another file - therefore it creates huge problems and prevents the optimisation of my design system.