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Is "after delay... scroll to" possible? It's an option, but targets are greyed out

I’ve got a use case where I want the screen to scroll to a section on load. In other words I want to use “after delay”… then “scroll to” a particular section.

“Scroll to” is a selectable option under “after delay”, but the targets are greyed out and I can’t figure out why. The root frame has overflow turned on and set to vertical scrolling. Is there something I’m missing or is this just not currently possible?


This looks like a bug, I have the same behavior. And not only with After Delay, but all triggers. Send the bug report and link to the file to Figma support via the support request form or

As a workaround, you can always drag the prototyping connection to the necessary block manually instead of selecting this item from the list.

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Ah nice one @Gleb, good workaround.

Yep definitely looks like a bug - I’ll submit a report.

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аххахаха :rofl: Figma will make you smarter everyday.