Interactive component triggering "after delay" suddenly not working anymore?

I have been working on a mobile UI design project for a class for a few weeks now, and I created an interactive component that simulates a swipe gesture animation. It includes 7 variants, starting on “after delay”, then plays through all of the subsequent variants after delay as well to make it seem fluid then it fades out. I created this about 2 weeks ago and when I first created this, it was working fine without issues in a test frame as well as on the main frames of my project. However, a couple days after that when I went to resume the project, I cannot get the animation to play anymore on delay. I will paste the first variant of the interactive component, and when viewing it in a test frame it just shows the first frame as a stagnant picture and it does not shuffle through the variants like it’s suppose to, and like it was previously. Nothing has changed in the project to make something like this happen, it just seems completely random. But whenever I change the first variant from “after delay” to “on tap”, I’ll test it and after tapping the component then the animation plays like it is supposed to.

Here is a clip of the interactive component and its parameters: component showcase.mp4 - Google Drive

Here is a clip of testing when the first variant is set to “on tap”. This is how it should look but without having to tap the component to trigger the animation: testing on tap.mp4 - Google Drive

Additional info: the first and last variant of the component have content but they are transparent to mark the beginning and end of the animation. I would assume that the connections are made properly because of the fact that it works when the variant is changed to trigger “on tap”. Also, previously I installed some kind of figma agent with something that would help add/use more fonts, however that did not end up working out for me so I ended up uninstalling figma agent from my computer, and it seems like right after I uninstalled it I was having this issue, but it could be a coincidence because I’m not sure how that could impact anything because I have always used to web version of Figma anyway, never the desktop app.

After some more experimenting I was able to get it working after just testing it and restarting the prototype as soon as it loaded. Is this a limitation in Figma? Would I need to restart the prototype every time I test it? This animation needs to go in a later frame of the project and I’m not sure if one restart at the beginning will make it functional in a later frame, and of course restarting it during a presentation of the project would not be ideal.