Interactive component not working on mobile prototype


I have created an interactive component accordion that works fine on the Figma desktop/web app, but when I try to demo the prototype on the mobile app, I cannot interact with the component. If I tap around it, I get the blue hotspot flashes, so it knows there is interactivity there, but the prototype remains unclickable. Does this have something to do with the way I built the interactive accordion component? And - if so - how do I fix it?



If it’s of any use, this is the tutorial I followed precisely to create the interactive component with variables:

I have also attached two videos below, the first of it working on desktop, the second of it not working on mobile:

  1. Desktop: interactive prototype responds to clicks - Screen Recording 2023-02-27 at 19.22.37

  2. Mobile: you can se the hotspots flash up when I click around the prototype, but the actual accordion/drop-down elements do not expand as they should - RPReplay_Final1677526220

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