Interactive component not showing in prototype


I’m a graphic design student working on a website design for an assignment and I’m also relatively new to Figma as I’ve used Adobe XD before.

I’ve googled and searched in this forum without finding any solution to what I’m doing wrong. I have a finished design I want to add interactive buttons to (hover and click). I’ve also followed several tutorials without understanding the issue. No matter what I do, my components are not working as I want them to in prototype presentation and it makes me insane!!! When I insert the component in the design, it’s either not showing at all, or it’s just presented as plain text.

Grateful for any tips!

Hey Ida, thank you for reaching out! Could you please share a screen recording so I can have a better understanding? Could you also confirm if your component is on a frame? A screenshot of your layers panel, which is on the left side would be helpful too.