Interactive component animation stops when opening overlay

Creating an example for this topic, I found a bug of stopping animation of an interactive component when the overlay is open.

Expected result
If the animation of the interactive component is in progress, and the overlay is opened at this time, the animation of the interactive component should not stop.

Actual result
When the button shows a loading animation, an overlay appears on the frame, and the button animation stops until the overlay is closed.

Additional information


I created a dropdown that opens when clicking on a specific menu tab, the dropdown opening is prototyped as an overlay in the project structure. Everything works correctly, but displaying dropdown overlay stops my smart animate looped slider animation, which is placed below the menu. I’m really curious how can I fix it, or If is there an alternative way to do it with keeping the looped animation after opening the dropdown overlay.


How tu use Demo:

  1. Click “Dropdown tab”
  2. Smart animate looped slider stopped working



Have you found a solution yet? I have some problem

Unfortunately not, still investigating possible solutions. I would be happy to figure out about it.