Interactions frozen after navigation to frame

Hello, I am a total beginner in Figma.

For some reason my interaction buttons does not work after using an interaction to navigate from frame 1 to frame 2, and I am trying to figure out why.

When staring from frame 2 the interaction buttons work fine. They do not work after having used an interaction in frame 1, to navigate to frame 2.

I am trying to make a mobile app with a wizard to order ice cream.

I have made some frames with different choices as overlays in a “my order” part of each frame.

It works well on frame 1 when choosing between cone/paper cup, and overlaying the cone/cup icons on the frame 2 → navigating to frame 2. But in frame 2 all interactions are frozen. Only when I manually switch between frames, the interactions on the upcoming frames do work.

Why is this? Any ideas?
Help or suggestions are very appreciated.

Hey @Kim_Lindfors, thanks for reaching out!

It’s hard to be sure without seeing your file and trying to reproduce the issue. Are you able to share a link to your file, so that we here in the community can take a look?