Interaction when Accessing Options in the Hover State of a Card

I have designed a card that has two states: one Default and another Hover to generate interaction. In the hover state, a shadow is added and an options button appears.

The problem arises when I try to access the options of said button in the hover state. Instead of allowing me to interact with the options, the card returns to the Default state.

How can I access the button options without affecting the list of cards?

I would appreciate it if you could help me with this problem.

Hey Marlon, thank you for reaching out! Could you let me know what state you chose when clicking on the three dots? You can see in my screen recording I tried to replicate your card interaction. On hover you can see the shadow and on tab you can see the option. Could you show me a screenshot of your layers panel please? It could be happening because of the order of your layers as well.

I share the project with you so you can see it in better detail.

Hey Marlon, apologies for the delayed message. I’ve asked the team for help. Will come back to you asap.

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