Interaction between components

The way OP breaks it down here says it all. Trying to do this right now.

I also love the idea of introducing variables and logic into prototyping which is a different conversation and has its own threads, but would achieve this.

We still need this. It’s something I need on every single prototype I build.

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This way of creating cross-interactions would be beneficial indeed. For example, I have an overall popup with multiple states that I would love to be able to control with another external to the overlay component.

My current prototypes are very clunky and span tons of pages. I basically use “On click” and “Navigate to” exclusively to fake reactive updates to the a page.

I’d like to create a basic component prototype without having to jump across dozens of pages to feel how it’s working. Is there no way to make a complex self contained prototype? I’m finding it hard to do without creating a complex variant chain which just seems like a waste of time. Really need something like “if component A is clicked, change to “state=selected” on component B.”

Sorry, I meant “span tons of *frames” I have about 20 frames, each with slight UI changes to mimic the UI updating when a button is clicked, or tab is selected.

Another point I’d like to make while I’m here is that the current prototyping workflow isn’t very fluent when it comes to design and testing. Currently, I have to structure components and variants in a way that isn’t applicable to the structure of the final application and makes iteration very complicated and time consuming.

During my process, I have to make very complicated nested components, so I don’t have to manually update every frame with a change. This requires me to bounce around a ton, instead of working within the context of the design.

I am looking for the same thing mentioned above where interacting with one component changes the variant of that component and also the variant of another component as well.