Instances of component don't reflect string changes in nested variants

I’m trying to build a prototype for a table with hover states and expanded states for each row. Here’s a sample file for reference.

I created a component for a table cell.

I assembled instances of those cell components into a row component which has variants for default, hover, and expanded states.

I arranged instances of the row component into a table and made a table component.
In that table component I updated the text strings in each row and in each variant state so that hover and expanded states work as expected.

I placed an instance of that table component into a flow and the text strings in the variable stats (hover and expanded) don’t reflect the changes I made in the parent table component. Why aren’t the text string overrides made in the table component carrying through to instances of that component?

Please help.

Hi there,

I realized you’ve already been in the chat with our support team! So please let me close this. For the reference, the ticket ID is #861184. Thanks!