Instance Variables

First off. Yes, we all love variables.
Secondly, this may have been discussed before, but it might be worth repeating.
Also, I’m a bit frustrated so I’m sorry if I gripe a bit.

Components need to have their own instanced variables. It is so time consuming having to set up a brand new variable collection for every component that uses variables, in every file.

The way my team and I thought we could use variables is to set up the basic variable structure for a component in our library, then be able to adjust the value of the component for each instance.
This would have so many use cases, and would honestly make my life so much easier.

The current reality is that, when we set up a variable collection in a library, we are stuck with those values for all eternity. No way to change them unless I wanted to make a new variable collection in the file I’m working in and map them to the library variables (which I don’t even know if you can do because Figma seems to arbitrarily not allow you to select from the library variables), or create a mode in the library variable collection for every instance of a component I’m using elsewhere. Not very efficient.

If each component had the ability to contain their own variables, it would make things so much more streamlined.
Variables in other software I’ve used is set up this way, and it feels a lot more intuitive.

Thanks for the feedback, @Ryan_Reddekopp!

We’ll pass this onto the Variables team.