Instance override not preserved in prototype mode

Hi there!

I’m having an issue with a component instance. I have a main component of a dropdown with interactions set and when I try to override some of the properties for an instance it works in the design panel, but when I try it in prototype mode it goes to the main component. Here is a video reference of my issue:

All the layers have the same names and the main component has component properties set.

Anyone know how to fix this? :frowning_face:


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Hey @Ioana_Ionescu, are you able to share a copy of your file with me?

@Gayani_S Was there a solution to this? I’m having the same issue

Hi @Megan16,

Yes, if I set a Fill color from the Color Library it works (not a hex code like in the video - #666666).

Hope this helps! :smiley: