Instance behaves differently from master component (bug?)

See attached file; a simple expanding menu component with 2 states.
When used in an ‘app’ component it works as expected; when the menu expands the top bar shrinks because its width is set to ‘Fill’. Nice.

But on instance of the app component, it no longer works. The menu does not expand.

Found quite a few ’ instance behaves differently’ posts, but do not understand what is happening here. Is this a bug? Anyone got an idea how to fix/workaround?

Expanding menu.fig (24.2 KB)

Hi there, thanks for reaching out. When I checked with our internal team about this behavior, it seems there’s a feature limitation. However, there is a workaround.

Once you add an auto layout for the main component with Hug properties, it should work.

Am I understanding the issue you are describing correctly? I hope this helps, but please let me know if I’m missing any additional points. I want to make sure I am fully addressing your questions.


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Yes @y_toku, you understood the issue correctly and the fix/workaround works perfectly!
Many thanks for the excellent response including that video, really appreciated! :+1:

(in my real implementation the added auto-layout messed up my menu item spacing so had to correct by framing those, but no biggy).

Thank you for the warm response! I’m glad you could successfully make your frames work:) Thanks!

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