Inspect tab - android SVG/XML is totally out of reality

Right pane: Inspect, select Android.
SVG/vector/xml generated by this “tool” is totally non-sense. SVG is just a frame, or something, but does not contain any usable content…

As you can see Android vector drawable plugin contains all paths! BUT: the hell we are not able use plugins in read only projects, so we must copy as idiots every screen to separate project with edit permissions, and use plugin, because figma don’t do work properly.

Current state: broken drawable/illustration.xml “preview” (text representation of XML vector file)
Expected state: same output in Inspect pane as Android vector drawable has (or similar).

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Just FYI:

Expand/Horizontal scroll the layers panel - Share an idea - Figma Community Forum is totally irritating thing!

And as I wrote about that we need plugin for viewers:
Plugin for viewers - Plugin and Widget API / Feedback - Figma Community Forum

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