Include color variable alias in dev mode side panel

Please Figma, add this!

This is also needed just as a designer trying to manage color name aliases. When designing I often want to know the aliases and it’s very slow trying to manually track them down.

Has anyone found a good workaround?

Dev mode needs this as a feature for it to be a usable product.

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I’m the original poster. As of today the UX team I work on decided to hide our color variables semantic set and redo all our components in our whole design system using our primitive color variables set. That way the devs and we will all see the same thing because this forum item looks like it will not be addressed

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It would be nice to at least be able to see the variables set up by the designer. Then we can match the variable hierarchy they are using.

That makes light/dark mode a bit tricky. Not sure if you’re using that feature.

Yes. That is what is unfortunate. I have the semantic colors set up for light dark

So I will lose that…

Having the ability to see the Variable trail would be immensely useful for my Team, so would be amazing to have this implemented!


It’s also impossible for developers to view or copy the full set of variables without edit access to the variables file. This seems like a pretty big oversight, and has led our team to implement an ad-hoc variable handoff process where the designer must send the developer a slack message notifying them of changes to the variables, then manually export a JSON file using a third-party plugin whenever we need to make changes to the design library.


how is it even possible that this has not been included yet, it should be a priority

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My dev team are complaining that they can only access Hex values, this is useless information now that we’re trying to use semantic colour names

I also really need this so our devs can see the alias, please Figma!

Sometimes it feels like Figma holds off on most requested features for the annual Config conference just so that they have stuff to announce.

I’d far rather they just ship continuously.

That said, the latest multi-edit feature is fantastic.

the same goes for other types of variables like Spacing

the same goes for other types of variables like Spacing ! Please have this for dev mode

We need this otherwise there is not easy way to share variables with devs. I have a lot of them already!!

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Need this urgently! Using plugins like variables2css to bridge that issue can only be a temporary solution.