Improving organisation of files by making it clear what team and project they belong to

It would be more useful if wherever a file was shown in the dashboard, its project and team was shown underneath it. For example, our structure is often…

  • Team: Client name
  • Project: Capital projects
  • File: Product page redesign

When I add ‘product page redesign’ to my favourites or when seeing it in the recent files list, it’s can be confusing to understand what team or project it’s part of. I’m often lost in a grid of ‘Website Redesign’ files and having to squint at the thumbnails to figure out what file it actually is.

Sure, I could prepend every file with the client name e.g. Client name: Website redesign. But this seems like a poor workaround as it’s repetitive and means that the number of characters that will show the actual file name will be reduced as they are truncated.

Anyone else have this issue?


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