Improve search across files in new tab page

The new tab has become a very common place for me to find myself. Most of the time if I have to open a file, I create a new tab which gives me the ability to search through my files with a single keyboard shortcut: very fast, love it!

The problem is that I have 2-3 accounts in my Figma at any one time, so if I need to open files across accounts, now I have to switch to home, click on my profile, change the profile, and usually just press cmd + t again because it’s so engrained as the search file shortcut.

Would love if search worked across profiles, or if there was an easy way to switch between profiles from within the tab itself (even better if it could be done with the keyboard :eyes: )

Could be as simple as a profile switcher:

Thanks for the idea! We’ll pass this onto our team for future consideration.