Improve library updates notification and/or push automatic updates

Hi! I got the new notification design for library updates.

For context, I’m managing a design system that’s consumed by several other designers. And it’s already difficult for me to get everyone to keep their files up to date, even when you had the “annoying” notification saying there was an update on the bottom right.

Honestly this new design that hides it almost completely behind a dot on the top right of the UI is going to bring me a lot of headaches. I’m gonna have to bother the rest of the team announcing every time I push an update, because that notification is sooo subtle.

Are there any plans to improve the updating experience to avoid that? Like forcing automatic updates on the design files, or SOMETHING.

I’m dreading how out of date all the design files are gonna become.


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Hey @Agustin_Ruiz, thanks for the feedback!

We’ve updated this topic into a feature request. We’ll pass this onto the team for consideration to continue to improve the library update experience.

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Oh cool! Thank you so much :pray: