Importing Large (300mb)+ .fig file stuck in "importing file"

I bought a pack that contains some Assets I need, but the file is 300+MB and when I Drag or open on file browser it just keeps on getting stuck on “importing file” and it’s been an hour and still importing…

I tried restarting still no go. I’m using the App for mac btw

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Were you able to get around this? I’m still having this issue.

No still the same issue

Perhaps it is either the file that has issues or your network. I tried to import a 1.5 gb Figma mock-up file, and it imported just fine.

How did you open the.fig file, I’m on mac and tried to drag and double click it and still doesn’t open

It is strange, I only use drag and drop to import to Figma and it works normal. You may report this a bug…

Just come across this problem . File is 305mb and seems to be stuck importing on Mac and Web. Anyone come across a solution?

Still have the same issue since last year, smaller files open with no issues but when I try opening a large file exceeding 300MB it just keeps on loading and won’t load

Eventually on desktop it uploaded my 305mb file. But, it literally took an hour, maybe more. Certainly far longer than you would expect a file that size to take. Something amiss.