Implementation of figma in the company

I need two accounts in the professional version, but the invoice would be for the company I work for. How can we do this?

Ok I see. So, do you need to set up an account for the company and then add two accounts for employees?

No, Figma Organization is like its own entity, controlled by an admin. And if it’s an Organization for a company, and you’ll receive invoices as a company.

OK, and the second option… I buy versions for myself, and for one account, PRO versions. the VAT invoice may be in the name of someone other than me?

I’m not sure about that. Maybe this would help:

Since you are just paying by card, I believe the invoices on the Professional team are more like receipts. Just show the date and amount of seats you paid for. But I haven’t seen one, maybe someone else can tell you more (or ask Figma support).

thanks for the help