Image corruption after updating from main branch

When updating a child branch with changes from the main branch all image files in the child branch become blank and an error message an invalid image or thumbnail was removed is displayed.

Scrolling back through all the version history doesn’t show any changes to the image files or seem to make them display correctly.

New child branches off of main don’t seem to reproduce this error.


Hi Ryan,

I’ll DM you for more details.


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I have also been experiencing this issue. Is there any way to avoid it?

I recently had this happen again on a fresh branch where we had new images suddenly become corrupted. It doesn’t appear to be isolated anymore.

I’m getting a similar issue, where the images are missing once the update is mergedimage

Been experiencing this for a while now, and it’s quite the pain. Anytime I merge a branch I lose all bitmap images for some reason. Kind of defeats the purpose if I have to add them manually - a 2nd time.

Just updating this to let Figma know I am still experiencing this issue. Happens every time with images added on a branch using the Unsplash plugin.

I am still experiencing this issue when merging branches to the master file.

Hi, Engineer on the team here. This should now be fixed going forward - merging branches with new image fills should carry over to the main file. If you have existing files that were previously broken due to this issue, we have an experimental tool that we can run to fix those images. Will reach out to you all individually via DM.

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