"Ignore Padding" option for Autolayout objects

When working with Autolayout there are often cases where I want something (like a divider) to span the full width of its parent frame while other objects (like input fields, text, etc) should be inset from the edge of the frame.

Accomplishing this with current functionality involves:

  1. Setting the parent autolayout frame’s padding to 0
  2. Wrapping the content that should respect padding in its own autolayout frame
  3. Setting the padding of this new frame to whatever the correct padding should be
  4. Setting the width of the item that should span the full width of the parent to “fill container”

Which sounds simple, but multiply that same process across multiple objects multiple times a day and the tedium adds up quickly. Plus, it makes adjusting padding a pain later on, as you have to drill down past the parent to find the frame that’s actually controlling the padding–and on more complex components, that equals a LOT of extra clicks.

It would save me so much time to have the ability to toggle on/off “ignore padding” on an individual object or frame versus doing what I described above. It would greatly streamline my Figma files as well.

As a stopgap, has anyone found a more elegant way around the issue? At least with my experimenting, what I’ve described is the only solve I’ve found.


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