If you roll back to a tagged/named version in history, can you roll forward again?

Background: I wanted to change som functionality within components. Before doing changes I created a version in the history “Feature Version 1”, then I did some changes and created another version “Feature Version 2”.

Problem: I now want to check som functionality existed in “Feature Version 1”, but to edit that file version (testing text and images in a component) I need to roll back. Except I only want to test things, not destroy Feature Version 2 entirely, just have a peak and test how the old design changed with different content.

Question: Can I restore “Feature Version 1”, edit the file, then restore “Feature Version 2”. Or does restoring “Feature Version 1” essentially destroy “Feature Version 2”?

Adding a hack to my own question if anyone finds this and it gets no answers: You can copy from the history version over to a new draft to test things.

Follow up after testing:
The restored version is added as a new step in the history, it does not roll back the history like you would have done if you restored in git etc. The “restored” version is added to the current history as a new step, so it’s more akin to deleting everything and copying in from another file.

Let’s say your history is like so:

  • current (version 2)
  • Version 2
  • Version 1

You restore Version 1, history will be:

  • current (version 1)
  • (restored version 1)
  • Version 2
  • Version 1

You can still restore Version 2 from the history.
Also, you can duplicate from any point in the history into a new file if you don’t want to restore from multiple points just to test your old things like I needed.