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Icon color and color style mismatch

Encountered a bug where the color style attached to my icon was clearly incorrect. It seems to be only for this specific color tho, as I am able to change it to other color styles fine, but whenever I change it back to this color it always appears different.

Selection colors shows all colors in selection, so it can be the color of something else and not the arrow if this frame contains other objects. Does it show the correct color when you select the arrow itself?

Nope it doesn’t :frowning:

Can you share the file with this component?

Here you go!

Thanks! I can see the correct color on this arrow:

It’s a known bug that sometimes Selection Colors shows Styles when the object is detached from the Style already. Like this:

But the fact that you are seeing a completely different color is definitely a bug, you can report it to Figma support team via the bug report form.

In the meantime you can try to simply unlink this style and then link it back to the object. Not sure if that would help but it should update some things for sure. If that’s happening in many instances, try Regenerate All Instances (slow) command:

Ah great, thanks for all your help Gleb!

Seems to be the same or related issue to the one I reported recently: Colors from a library updated in inspector but not design

I’m linking it here in the hope that it helps the team to narrow down the source of this bug.