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Colors from a library updated in inspector but not design

Yesterday, I started facing the most bizarre bug in Figma so far.
I updated a color in a library. The color is properly updated in the Design tab on the right. However, within all design files that use the library (even the very new ones created after the library was updated), old color is still displayed for items with that color assigned.

It probably has something to do with this topic: Applying text styles is slow

It might be, but I think it’s an unrelated bug. The issue wasn’t simply delayed updates but lasted for over a week while all involved files were updated, published, and refreshed multiple times. The visible color of any of the elements that used the color at issue never got updated even though the Design tab showed the updated color.

What helped to temporarily bypass the problem was removing the color from the library and adding it again: renaming the color with _ in front of the name, publishing, refreshing in the file that used the library, changing the color name back to the publishable one, publishing, refreshing. While the color was unpublished, files that use the library showed the previous version of the color.

It seems that in certain circumstances which I was unable to reproduce so far, both colors were used at the same time: the old one in some kind of limbo for actual design, but the updated one in the Design tab. I thought that maybe two colors with the exact same name existed and due to a programming error they (or one of them) were accessed via their names rather than a unique internal ID, although my further tests don’t confirm that (already unlikely) hypothesis.

I’m pretty certain there’s a bug hiding somewhere in the code, and I think my original screenshot is a valid piece of evidence to that statement.

“While the color was unpublished, files that use the library showed the previous version of the color.” – now, this is a completely separate bug. When a color is removed from a library, and in the design file the library is refreshed with the latest changes, that color is still referred to with its original library name in the Design tab, even though that color no longer exists in the library. It’s particularly confusing when there is in fact a new color added to the library with the same name in which case the Design tab shows the name of the old color that’s identical to the new color, but the color itself is the original one.

I want to stress that wasn’t my case. I re-selected the color, and the Design tab properly showed the new color. I also didn’t delete one color and add another one, I simply changed the existing color.

This may or may not be related to my original problem.