I would like to suggest the option of moving multiple files to another project without relying on dragging

I would like to suggest the possibility of moving files in bulk in the same way that I can move just one file.

When I right click on a file I have the option to move the file.

image 1

When I click on the option, the following UI appears to me.

image 2

This is wonderful. However, when I try to do the same action with multiple files, I do not have access to this option.

image 3

To be able to move all these files, I must add the folder I want to transfer as a favorite and then drag all the files to it.

image 4

This is a somewhat annoying process, as it takes a considerable amount of time to do this, in addition to being laborious.

My suggestion is that the option to move files also appears in bulk actions.

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Thanks for the feedback Lucas! We’ll pass this onto the team for consideration and monitor votes for overall interest from the community.