I don’t have “Enable interactive components”

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i don’t have “Enable interactive components”

than can’t work interactions

how can i fix it?
thank you in advance

@b22035.tdc.hanmacgroup There is no longer a specific button or toggle to enable interactive components, as they are now enabled by default.

There previously was an option to turn these on and off in order to optimize app performance, but our team has since remove this because they’ve made general performance improvements that no longer necessitate this.

If you still have trouble, would you be able to provide a screen recording of the actions you are taking in your file when things go wrong? This would be super helpful.

That error typically occurs when have an “On Click” interaction on the master component that conflicts with an “On Click” component instance. The error means that only the interaction on the instance will trigger because it takes priority over the interaction on the master.

The sort-of fix for this is to set one of the interactions to “on mouse down,” but that doesn’t quite solve the problem, as in practice the interaction on the instance is still the only one that will occur.