I can't open a file shared with me due to WebGL

I’ve tried going through the steps that have been suggest on how to overcome this but not had any luck so far. Does anyone know how to fix this so that i can view files in either the desktop app or online.

Hello @Connor3

Would you be able to share with us a bit more? What happen when you try to open a file? Is there an error message displayed somewhere? Can you link the steps you took to try resolving your problem maybe?

Hi @Haroll thanks for your reply, in the desktop app i get

Uh oh… we can’t open that file

We can’t open this file because we’re having trouble with WebGL. Please try restarting the desktop app.

If this problem persists, your graphics card or driver may not be supported.

I get just like a small square sad face online. it starts to open the file and then crashes but no error message

Hi @Connor3 ,
Thanks for flagging this! Could you please reach out to the technical team directly here? https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/requests/new They can help you to troubleshoot it.

Im still having this problem. My device is a hp pavilion all in one desktop and im using the most up to date version of chrome. Can anyone help?