I cannot right click the visibility icon

I am trying to set the visibility as a variable because I want to create a filter for my item lists.
I saw a tutorial on Youtube that explains that to mimic a filter, one can simply assign a variable to the visibility of the layer and toggle it based on the user input on the drop-down filter.
However, when I right-click the visibility icon, Figma registers my action as if I simply left-clicked on it, thus making it disappear instead of opening the menu.
Does anyone know how to fix this?
Any other right-click works perfectly fine.

Hi there,

Thanks for the post. Please let me ask some questions.

Is this behavior occurring in the browser or in the native app? If it’s limited to the Desktop app, then clearing your cache should help resolve the issue. You can clear the desktop app cache on a Mac in the Help menu under Troubleshooting.

This help center article could help as well: https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/articles/360040523973-Technical-troubleshooting-tips#Basic_Troubleshooting

Also, you can set the right-click preferences (attached). I hope this will work!


Hi Toku,
thank you so much for your reply.
Unfortunately, even after deleting the cache, updating the preferences, opening the file in the Desktop version, and checking the troubleshooting, the problem is still there.

I also noticed some other weird behaviours of my various elements, which do not act as expected. For example, behaving differently on one page from another, hovering interactions not working, and others.
I am not a Figma expert, but I also think that these issues are not normal, especially this one with not being able to right-click the visibility icon of the layer.

Do you happen to know what is happening? My computer is brand new and Chrome is up-to-date.


Hi Paolo,

Thanks for the details. It seems you’re using Figma in a browser. The behavior problem in a browser could be caused by a browser extension you have set up before. It can even happen across devices if you use the same chrome profile, which includes these extensions as well. Can you please try disabling your browser extensions one by one and then check after each to see which one is causing the issue.

I hope it will be fixed, but if the problem persists, can you reach out to our support team via this form: https://figma.zendesk.com/agent/ ?


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Hi Toku, thank you for your help.
For future reference, today I accidentally discovered that I can only right-click the visibility icon when I have a boolean variable in my environment. I think this should be fixed, or at least explained better.
Thank you again for your support!

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