HProperty 'createButton' does not exist on type 'PluginAPI'

I’m using ChatGPT to help me write a plugin that takes user input from one form and pass it to another - so want to create the plugin UI’s programmatically.

I know ChatGPT has old reference data. What has replaced Figma.createButton() and Figma.createInput() to programmatically create form elements in typescript?

This does not require the use of the Figma Plugin API (unless you are sending messages from code.ts).

These methods never existed in the Plugin API. Please go to the Figma Developers website to learn the API:

Your ChatGPT came up with these methods.

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Yes that is what I want to do. In the first UI the user inputs some data, data is manipulated in code.ts and the manipulated data displayed back to the user.

I love how ChatGPT is making stuff up to answer questions. I have looked at the Figma plugin API docs and can’t find anything that programmatically creates form elements like inputs or buttons.

Can you point me in the specific direction?

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