How to set on drag to only a single direction?

So, I have 2 frames Game1 and Game2, I need to navigate or change the frames from game1 to game2 when the user is only swiping up and 2 to 1 when swiping down. But the frames are animating when dragged in any direction, any ideas how to do it
Here’s the file for reference


Unfortunately, at this time you cannot set a direction for the drag event, it is pretty much a gimmick as it stands. You could add an idea to the forum asking for drag directions or check if there is an idea for it and vote on it.

Hi there!
As Fernando said, we can’t at this moment, but we’ll let our team know for consideration.
I’ve found this idea that looks like similar to your feature request, feel free to vote here: and/or create a new feature request!

Céline Doan