How to restore a jam that I partially deleted?

How to I restore part of a project I suddenly happened to deleted when I was trying out?

Hey @Pelle_Laras, thank you for reaching out!

It is not possible to restore a deleted project, however, you will be able to restore the files within that project.

You will be able to restore the files by opening your Drafts then opening the Deleted tab. Right click on the file and click Restore. The file will then be restored to the project it originally resided in.

To see all available files that can be restored, please make sure that you also set the “Created by” filter to “anyone” rather than “you.” You, and anyone else who had access to edit that file should be able to find it and restore it this way.

Restore file

Here’s a guide from our Help Center with more information on this: Delete and restore files.

Let me know if you are having trouble finding the file under the deleted tab. The “Created by” filter might be extra helpful here.

Please let me know how that goes!

If you are still unable to restore the files, I can create a support ticket on your behalf. Then you can share the URLs of the files within the deleted project so our support team, and they can take a closer look on their side and provide you with the next steps.

I look forward to hearing from you soon, thank you!